Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the sewing begin!

Here's a pic of some table runners I've just finished for a few birthday pressies. Mum taught me a way of slashing squares of fabric to make blocks up (like stack and slash) and we had a mini tutorial/sewing day to make them up! And I even learnt a new way to put the binding on which means no more slipstitching the back!
Okay, so I have actually done some sewing lately, it's too hot to do much else at the moment.

I saw some really cute pincushions while scrolling through Whipup the other day and thought I might like to make one! It was very easy as all you need is a teacup (or other cute thing), some fabric and some wadding and glue. I added the mushroom and hedgie for a bit of cuteness.

What do you get when you have a whole heap of little squares sewn together and some wood grain fabric?

A cover for your overlocker of course!

I made the sewing machine cover (with the gnomes on the front) from the tutorial on the Spool website and figured the overlocker shouldn't miss out. I just measured the overlocker and adjusted the pattern pieces to fit (apparently there are not many overlockers which are the same size, they are all different!)

I thought it might be nice to make a patchwork cover so I made enough squares to cover the pattern and then sewed them together and cut the pattern from the patchworked fabric.

I might make myself a table runner now, I quite liked sewing them!


  1. OH WOW!!!!!!!!! Love both the sewing machine & overlocker covers - they are gorgeous!! The pin cushion is very cute & the tablerunners beautiful! Oh to have your talent!!

  2. You have been busy - can tell you have an aircoditioned sewing room :) Love it all.

  3. Great idea about the over locker cover, did yours come in a bag on wheels - like you take it travelling?? Mine stays out on the main sewing table with the sewing machines, but geesh, dust!! Love Posie