Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year!!!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got to relax a little bit! We went down to the Sunny Coast to visit Mr Fish's family and had Christmas at Nanny and Poppy fishes place. The girls had a lovely time and were kept busy helping to feed the animals. (the list includes 3 wallabies, lots of birds, a few possums, the dog and the extra human visitors) We went to the Big Pineapple (haven't been there since i was little), and the Ginger Factory (we go there every visit as it's nearby) and generally just mooched around eating. We got to catch up with lots of rellies and a few friends that are down that way.
I haven't done much in the way of sewing lately, it's sort of nice to have a break and think about the garden and other interests. We got a Wii for xmas (the silliest name for a machine as it makes you sound like a little rude kid when you talk about it) but I think I may just become a wee bit addicted as it is so much fun! From using the fit board thing I have discovered that i have a good center of gravity and balance but am appallingly uncoordinated. So I will work on that and see if it improves. I even liked playing the Diego game that came with it. And you have to move sooo much when you play things, it's great.
Littlest fish decided to share her bottle with Shamus the wallaby as he has a bottle too!
Biggest Fish LOVED feeding the older wallabies and we were told daily that they 'just loved her' and she was a good assistant.
and Poppy Bob did come through and produce a lovely tree house! (sorry the pics not the best, will try and take a better one with the elves in residence), he even made another one for em as well! (I think there was a bit of grumbling and maybe some choice words used at various times during construction, but they were lovely and the kids loved them).

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  1. Happy New Year - Sorry we did not get to ctch up with you - Computer and Phone and Power are now on and sorted:)

    Love the tree house - he did a great job:)