Saturday, May 09, 2009

Some fabric finds

The 2 little fishes, myself and Nanny fish went for a bit of a drive today out to a town called Marian where a little craft show was on. It was part of the River rock to Mountain top community festival that happens along the towns up the range. it was only little but there was some great craft work on display and some interesting stalls. I managed to come home with a little bundle of material and oldest little fish scored herself a stubbie cooler with Thomas the Tank on it and a set of ice block holders to match (all made of wetsuit material to keep things cool or warm I guess depending on what it is!)
My very favourite is the very cute looking print with the old looking toys on it. It is very retro and lovely. And you can never have enough small dots. And we had to get the digger material as we are reading a book called The little Yellow Digger at bedtime and it was absolutely essential that we purchased this.
I have finished the birdy project and am pretty pleased with the outcome. There was a little bit of fiddling and removing of wire and playing with the good old hot glue gun but the end result is pleasing and looks pretty good hanging up.

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