Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've been featured!!

Some of you may remember this little sea fan I framed a while ago..... Well it got featured on the lovely Maya's blog - completely coastal and I was a bit excited when I found out!
I've been a fan of her blog for a while and love all the beachy ideas she gathers for us to look at so when I was checking out the latest posts I hadn't read yet and saw a picture that looked a bit familiar it took me a minute to catch on, then I did a little excited dance.
So there you go, a lovely suprise and it made my day!
A quick update on the mess that is our reno, we have had a bucketful of rain and the last bit is taking a bit longer than we thought. All that's left is to finish building the bookshelves and put the floor down and then all will be revealed! (might take a while so don't hold your breath)
Then I am itching to get stuck in and do some sewing as I have some gorgeous fabric that's waiting to be made into a throw and a table runner and there's also some curtains to be made.
The list just keeps getting longer!


  1. OH WOW!! Congrats Joely - It really is a gorgeous frame!
    Here's hoping the room is finished by the time we come up - I don't mind camping out the back, but am sure this would be more comfy :)

  2. Love that Joely, and congrats on the feature! I have some sea fans I collected earlier this year, and you've inspired me to frame them up and hang them. Aren't you a clever one? K xx