Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids beachy chair revamp

I found this lovely cane chair at a recent trip to the tender center (it's a kids size one) and thought it would look great with a quick makeover. It was in great condition and just needed a bit of a dust then on went the paint. One coat of zinser and two of antique white U.S.A. and it was all done! (I forgot to take a pic before I started painting hence the white bits on the legs)
After all that lovely paint it of course needed a nice cushion to go on it so we (me and the fishes who were strangely on their best behaviour) braved going to Spotlight and found a square of foam to cut up. Some careful cutting and a bit of nice beachy shell fabric later and we had ourselves a cushion!
Both fishes have claimed it so I'll let them battle it out though it does look lovely with littlest fishes (aka 'bug') nice new paint colour in her room. (more on that later....)

1 comment:

  1. What a nice job you have done with this chair.