Sunday, May 01, 2011


Oldest Fish has now had a turn at being in hospital. The sore arm that we thought was sprained was actually broken :(
She fell off the trampoline while it was being moved last weekend and apart from saying it was sore when she put pressure on it there was not a lot of complaining about it. She went back to school after the holidays and was okay except for falling over at lunch time and hurting it. I had to go pick her up from school the next day when they rang to say she had fallen over in PE and landed on it. So a trip to the doctor followed. Then we had a trip to the x-ray place. Then another trip to the doctor to get the results. Then a trip to the hospital to get it fixed. We should have just gone straight to the hospital and saved ourselves 4 or 5 hours of running around, will remember that for the future.
The doctors and nurses were AMAZING and I can't thank them enough. The break was just bad enough for them to discuss straightening the bones, it was borderline but they decided in the end to do it as she is only young and it was going to be pretty easy.
It all happened pretty fast once we talked to the doctor, it was all systems go!
The only traumatic thing was that she wouldn't let the doctor put the drip in to give her a sedative so they had to knock her out very quickly with an injection. That was the worst bit. Once she was knocked out they got to work and that was where I should have exited the room.
The clever nurse knew what would happen so she got me a chair and a drink of water. Then she got me a bed.
I don't think I'm a squeamish person but when it's your little fish and its all happening so fast, it's probably best not to look.
Anyways I got back up after about 10 minutes (she was in a bed about 3 meters away so the nurse was keeping me updated) and got to sit next to her while she was waking up. It's really weird watching your little one wake up from being knocked out. She was quite funny a few times and said some strange things that lightened the mood a bit.
We had to stay til she was completely okay and could get up so we were there until dinner time.
I asked the nurse who was admitting us if it was strange that she didn't really complain about being in pain considering the break she had, but apparently kids react in strange ways to pain and don't always associate the pain with the area that is affected. So I guess the lesson learned was to get anything checked out that could be serious even if the reaction is not as big as you might think it should be. Once she had a big sleep that night she was really happy the next morning and didn't remember anything from the hospital. We have to go back next week to get the temporary cast off and a new fibreglass one on. (it's going to be pink)


  1. Oh no hugs. Glad that everything is ok in the end. J, I would need the bed straight away (but then I do take after my mother in that department) I bet she is looking forward to the pink one and showing her cast off at school tomorrow.

  2. Lots of cuddles will help to make little fish feel better.....


  3. brave little girl and a brave mum too!