Friday, April 22, 2011

She loved it!

We had an early start to the day on Saturday. Someone was very excited and couldn't wait to get up and turn 5. After lovingly patting and sitting on her new bike for positively ages she managed to get the rest of us up and in present mode. I was very happy that she liked her princess and the pea play set and book, phew! We had to read the story and then she went off to play with it for a while. I managed to spread the present giving out a bit and gave her a little parcel every half hour or so in the morning to keep her busy and interested. She got some books and a new moneybox and cute purse and some card/board games to play. Then she had to wait forever til her party.
Thank goodness she has a super cake making nanny! When a castle cake was requested we got out the old women's weekly cake book and also the new one to see what ideas we could find. Luckily there were two castle cakes to pick from and super nanny got to work.
We had a bit of a pink thing going on as it is now her favourite colour so a cheap plastic tablecloth was found and a pretty table runner (in pinks of course) livened things up a bit. We had the amazing cake, tea cup biscuits, pinwheels, lollies and some savoury snacks for the grown ups. And lots of fairies (not to eat, they were on everything). After a play with some little friends and lots of eating everyone was exhausted. We practised riding and hopping on and off the new bike and then relaxed for a while.
The next day we went down to the park for some bike riding and practice using the brakes. There's a nice flattish walkway that is perfect for riding on when you're a little kid. She got the hang of it pretty fast and remembered how to brake when going down a little slope.
Miss fish had a lovely day and I'm getting pretty good at playing kids board games!
Now I have to figure out how to make a mermaid cake for her little sisters birthday......

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  1. Yay - she looks so cute and so grown up:) Mermaid cake should be a walk in the park for super Nanny:) Tell her I said she did a great job:)