Monday, February 14, 2011

What can you do with a jelly roll?

Remember this jelly roll I got ages ago? Well it is finally all used up. All I have left is a couple of little scraps that I just can't throw out but I've managed to make three things out of the roll with hardly any wasted. Here's a looksy.
This one I've shown you before, it's a table topper for a little cane side table and was made with a wedge ruler.
This one is a table runner I made with the leftover bits from the throw pictured below. I used the greeny blues and the dark blues/navy that were left and just stitched bits together after laying the fabrics out in a nice way. The outer border was made with some batik fabric that went with the prints.
This throw is made with the jelly roll and a charm pack I managed to hunt down. I just cut the strips up to make a square around each charm square and sewed them together.
So there you go, three items from one jelly roll! How many can you do?


  1. lovely work! i have a jelly roll that needs a project or two.

  2. Wow, that's seriously impressive from one jelly roll!
    I think I like the circular one the best. Very nice :)

  3. Awesome stuff Joely, love the table runner and the circular topper in fact all three, out of the jelly roll etc. Keep up the good work!!