Sunday, November 07, 2010

Highs and Lows

This week has been a rather eventful one. One of the highs has been this lovely torch ginger finally deciding to flower after about 4 years of living here. There are 3 torches on it at the moment and hopefully we'll get a few more. It has moved spots a couple of times before we found the best place for it and more seems to be happy and thriving.
One of the more lowish sort of things to happen was that we got this new teddy. Well the teddy itself isn't bad (thank you Red Cross) it's the reason we needed one in the first place.
Littlest fish had a bit of an accident on Wednesday and ended up in the hospital emergency dept. for half the day. It seems that diving on your sister who is perched on the side of the lounge and knocking yourself and her over the edge is not a good idea.
Especially when you both fall over the side and one of you lands on the corner of a step - with your face. After a trip to the local doctor who told us to go to the hospital as they could fix the gaping hole in the side of her temple in a kinder and less painful way than the GP could do, we set out for the emergency dept.
Some numbing drops and 2 local anesthetic needles later and the stitches were in.
Littlest fish was very good and managed to keep still mostly and I managed to not faint as I held her head steady and had to watch everything the doctor was doing. She had to have a couple of stitches to put her back together and some steristrips and a big band aid type patch to cover it all up but is now on the mend. In fact the next day she was up and playing and I had to explain to 21 mums at Kindy why she had a huge patch on her head when we dropped her sister off.
The stitches come out on Tuesday and she should only have a tiny scar that should fade to nothing so that is good.
Her face is a bit bruised down that side which looks a bit yucky but it's getting better each day.
The steps have now got plastic corner things on them and the furniture has been moved a bit so there is a side table between the step and the lounge. All lounge diving has also been banned, lounges are for sitting on only.
Her sister was not hurt at all and was very helpful when I was shouting at her to get me a washer and the phone.
To leave you on a more pleasant topic, here is a little sneak peek at something in the works at the moment - I finally undid my Neptune jelly roll! (I was a bit nervous as it looked so pretty)
(In case you aren't familiar with them the teddy is called a trauma teddy. The hospital gives them to kids that are in need of something to cuddle while they are being fixed up. The nice volunteers at the Red Cross make them and donate them to the hospital, yet another wonderful service they provide).


  1. Oh no - hugs to all - I think I would have been on the floor though (like mother like daughter on that one!)

    That ginger looks very happy in it's new spot, looking forward to seeing more of what the jelly roll becomes.

  2. Oh dear the poor little possum. And poor you too kids really do give us something to worry about our love is so great it really hurts your heart to see them in any kind of pain. I think this lesson with be learnt and remembered though. Glad everything worked out okay.