Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ain't Life Grand!

The weather has been quite lovely and we have been spending a bit of time at the beach enjoying the sunshine. The sea was sparkling yesterday and looked like lots of little glittery dots were dancing on the surface. We had a big play and littlest fish decided to have a faceplant in a puddle so since she was all wet they ended up having a nice little swim. (luckily I am a most talented see into the future type person and had spare clothes and a towel in the car)
The park that we like to go to is right on the beach so we normally go and have a few slides and swings before heading down onto the sand for a bit of treasure hunting. Then on the way back we have to stop again for another play. We are back to normal today after having some time off over the school hols to play with our visitors and hopefully after some cleaning and boring housework type stuff is taken care of the painting and rearranging can recommence!


  1. Oh that looks so beautiful and sparkly. Great photos. Our weather further up north is grey and drizzly.

  2. Amazing photos - you are making me HOMESICK!